News and Notes from Sloane and Walsh

Michael Antonellis named Partner

At Sloane and Walsh, Attorney Michael Antonellis has served as Senior Trial Counsel, utilizing his unique background in engineering, to handle Subrogation, Complex Litigation, and Insurance Disputes.  Prior to joining Sloane and Walsh, Mr. Antonellis was a career U.S. Coast Guard officer, retiring from active duty as a Captain. As a result of his efforts throughout his military career, Mr. Antonellis has received numerous awards and accolades, including being recognized as the Judge Advocates Association Outstanding Career Armed Services Attorney, Coast Guard Meritorious Service Medal, Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.  Prior to his service, Mr. Antonellis sailed as an engineer worldwide aboard numerous U.S. Merchant Marine vessels.  Mr. Antonellis is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and Suffolk Law.