Subrogation Law


Sloane and Walsh, LLP, has a National Subrogation Practice with experienced attorneys and a network of experts available to immediately investigate Subrogation Claims throughout the Nation. We are committed to maximizing subrogation results.

At Sloane and Walsh, LLP, we focus on maximizing our clients’ subrogation recovery efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to partner with our clients and establish subrogation procedures and protocols (the first days after the event being the most important) that directly lead to outstanding results. Our attorneys are well-versed in providing subrogation services to the insurance companies and institutions we represent.

Identifying Opportunities For Subrogation
With decades of experience, our lawyers are able to identify and investigate potential opportunities for our clients to recover through subrogation actions. When we discover that another party is at fault or partially at fault for damages that our client has already paid to the claimant, we will take action against the responsible party and his or her insurer. Our goal is to recover as much as possible, minimizing the loss suffered by our client.

Maximizing Subrogation Results
Our team includes experienced trial subrogation attorneys who concentrate in the trial and settlement of all types of cases, including fire losses, water losses, freeze-ups, environmental, contribution, third-party subrogation, workers’ compensation, medical recovery and products liability claims. We utilize a team approach and regularly work with experts in the fields of fire science, electrical and mechanical engineering, and chemistry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of representation and obtain the best possible results.
Our insurance subrogation attorneys are enlisted by insurers immediately upon identification of a loss to take the appropriate steps to protect all rights of the insurers and their insureds. Immediate action to preserve evidence is critical and our subrogation attorneys ensure that the evidence is preserved. We handle claims related to property loss, commercial property, institutional property and personal injury.

Subrogation Claim Lawyers
From our main office in Boston and branches throughout New England we handle insurance Subrogation investigations and claims throughout the United States and it’s territories.