Property Insurance Law


Sloane and Walsh, LLP, provides assistance to insurance companies and their insureds in all matters involving homeowner and commercial property insurance policies as well as insurance property disputes.

We handle commercial and residential claim disputes, and related bad faith claim disputes, in an efficient and thorough manner, assuring that the claim gets resolved quickly, fairly, and correctly. From the moment a loss occurs, we investigate the relevant facts and analyze the necessary coverages in order to resolve all issues of coverage and to establish the value of a given claim. When disputes arise between parties regarding a property claim, whether over coverage or value, our attorneys have a track record of success in the courtroom, at arbitrations, at reference hearings and in appraisals.

Property Damage Claims
Our property insurance law attorneys frequently handle disputes over property damage claims involving fire loss, water loss, pandemic damage, wind damage, ice damage, hail damage, freeze-up loss, failure to maintain heat, hurricane damage and other catastrophic loss claims. We also have the experience to represent our clients in disputes over business interruption claims, alternative living expenses (ALE) claims, extra expense claims and more. We are often involved as claims counsel to assure good faith claim handling and proper valuation.

Having handled these insurance property disputes for decades, we have a strong grasp on claim values and are able to address unique issues that may arise, such as allegations of fraudulently filed claims and other unique claim issues.

Property Insurance Dispute Attorneys
From our main office in Boston and branches throughout New England we handle insurance disputes throughout the United States and it’s territories.

Appraisal and Reference Law, Examination Under Oath, Insurance Dispute Law
From our main office in Boston and branches throughout New England we handle Appraisal Insurance disputes throughout the United States. We represent our Appraisal Law clients with unwavering integrity, prudent counsel and persuasive advocacy while employing problem solving analytics, focused attention to detail and delivering positive results. Sloane and Walsh deploys our deep experience in Examination Under Oath Contractual Law, Insurance Dispute Law, legal acumen and commitment to excellence in a collaborative engagement with our clients, as we pursue the shared goal of achieving the best possible insurance dispute resolution as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible.