Product Liability Defense


At Sloane and Walsh, LLP, we have been defending manufacturers against defective product claims since 1934. Our attorneys are skilled at addressing the unique issues that arise in these cases, including product recalls, manufacturing or design defects, failure to warn, and also provide representation if these matters escalate to class actions.

Our Boston product liability defense lawyers have been enlisted by insurance companies from throughout the United States to represent manufacturers of all sizes in a wide range of industries. We have provided defense in product liability claims involving food products, gym equipment, trucks and trucking equipment, roofing products and construction products, and much more. Our lawyers are prepared to defend against allegations of manufacturing defects, inadequate warnings and other product liability claims.

Defending Manufacturers
Our attorneys understand that, depending on the scale of a claim, the future of a business may be on the line. We move forward with appropriate care. In some cases, the most effective resolution will come through negotiating a settlement. However, we easily recognize frivolous lawsuits and will push to have them dropped, and we have the trial skill necessary to properly defend our manufacturer clients in court as necessary.
We also provide proactive services to manufacturers in the area of risk management. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of ever-changing industrial and regulatory standards, and can provide guidance about how to avoid potential product liability claims in order to prevent any disruption of business.

National Product Liability Counsel
Sloane and Walsh’s Product Liability Team is an experienced group of lawyers with a thorough knowledge of product liability issues. Our lawyers defend and resolve serious personal injury and property damage claims across the Northeast arising from the use of multiple products which includes manufacturers of a variety of commercial and consumer products from a wide spectrum of industries. Our lawyers routinely handle claims of manufacturing or design defects, failure to warn, and claims involving strict liability, breach of warranty, and failure to warn. Additionally, we serve as National Subrogation Counsel and have significant experience representing our insurer clients in product liability matters.