Medical Malpractice Defense


The attorneys in the medical professional liability practice group at Sloane and Walsh, LLP are recognized among the elite medical defense attorneys in New England. Our attorneys have represented health care professionals and institutions in the highest exposure, most complex medical cases, always with exceptional results. From the defense of the doctors in the Reggie Lewis case to the defense of a Nobel Laureate, our attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible result for each client.

We have represented a wide range of healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapist, chiropractors, optometrists and ophthalmologists, nurse midwives, mental health professionals as well as many other medical specialists. Our attorneys have been recognized nationally as experts in birth trauma cases, providing representation and guidance in cases of high exposure.

Our attorneys have been involved in multi-jurisdictional litigation, involving claims arising out of medication and pharmacy claims, and claims arising out of mass exposure to infection. We have represented pharmacists, pharmacies and compounding centers in cases of national exposure.

We have represented these providers in both civil actions as well as administrative matters, including before relevant Boards of Registration, DPH investigations, DPPH investigations, and others.

In addition to representing medical institutions in medical professional liability claims, we have also represented the institutions in both external investigations as well as internal investigations. Our attorneys have represented both institutions and individuals in connection with disciplinary proceedings as well as termination proceedings within the institutions.

We have also provided professional consultation to medical professionals in connection with business issues, employment issues, licensing and some regulatory matters.

Our attorneys are also experienced in representing insurers, reinsurers and self-insured health care institutions in a variety of insurance, risk management, quality assurance and claims handling issues. Among the services provided are periodic claims reviews, advising regarding exposures and reserves, monitoring excess claims, issuing coverage opinions and assistance in developing policies and protocols.