Fire and Explosion Liability


For the better part of a century, we have been litigating fire and explosion cases. Since 1934 Sloane and Walsh has been the leader in fire and explosion litigation. Sloane and Walsh has represented individuals and corporations across the United States in personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, and subrogation cases. We have litigated fire and explosion events fueled by product failure, negligence, combustible dust, propane, natural gas, chemical compounds and many other causes.

Sloane and Walsh’s extensive experience in traditional fire and explosion subrogation claims naturally lends to the representation of individuals and corporations in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage claims involving fire and explosion. This extensive background provides the ability to analyze and litigate catastrophic fire claims causing death, severe burns and other debilitating injuries. Utilizing prudent analytics, superior knowledge of fire and explosion law, case preparation and persuasive advocacy leads directly to favorable results for our clients in fire and explosion claims.

We utilize a team approach and regularly work with preeminent experts in the fields of fire science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry. Our experts utilize in-depth cutting edge fire investigation techniques, computer modeling in fire analysis, metallurgical analysis as well as flawless field and artifact inspection protocols. Public authorities and private investigators face numerous challenges in fire and explosion scene management. We seek to manage this process. We immediately become involved in the fire scene investigation and site examinations so that spoliation of evidence does not occur and our clients interests are protected. We are deeply familiar with NFPA 921 and Daubert. When prosecuting or defending a Daubert challenge we are experienced and fully prepared. We utilize the best medical experts on evidence of survival and resultant conscious pain and suffering, burn evidence, as well as all medical explosion fire causation issues. We’ve handled claims involving every type of fire and explosions.

Headquartered in Boston, the attorneys at Sloane and Walsh regularly represent clients throughout the United States. From our main office in Boston and branches throughout New England we handle fire litigation, explosion litigation, insurance disputes, claims counsel services, insurance coverage and subrogation throughout the United States.