Construction Defect Law & Construction Law

Sloane and Walsh, LLP, brings decades of experience to construction law claims of all types. We are skilled at defending construction companies and contractors in claims involving public and private projects, residential and commercial construction, including construction of single family homes, apartment complexes, town homes, condominiums, malls and shopping centers, office buildings and sewage plants.

From contractual and construction indemnity law issues to building codes and materials, the number of factors that come into play in construction law cases make them exceedingly complex. Not only do our Boston construction law attorneys have extensive experience sorting through these matters, we also have access to a network of architects, engineers and other construction experts who can assist us in analyzing the technical issues involved in these cases. We carefully build defense strategies that are designed to succeed in negotiation or trial.

Construction Liability and Defect Claims
Our lawyers are retained by insurance companies to defend their insureds against construction defect claims of all types. We are well-versed in handling claims involving water intrusion and mold, roofing defects, window defects, structural issues, balcony and deck defects, door defects, shower enclosure defects, soil settlement issues, drainage issues and cracked concrete issues. We can handle claims involving new construction as well as remodeling projects and additions or expansions.

Construction defect claims tend to be complicated, with allegations made against construction companies that perhaps should have been targeted at architects or materials suppliers. We understand the relationships between the various parties involved in home and commercial construction, allowing us to accurately defend our clients against all claims.

Construction Liability and Defect Lawyers Throughout New England
Our main office is in Boston, Massachusetts, and we have branch offices throughout New England for convenient access.