Appraisal and Reference Law, Examination Under Oath, Insurance Dispute Law


From our main office in Boston and branches throughout New England, we handle appraisal and reference insurance disputes throughout the United States. We represent our clients with unwavering integrity, prudent counsel and persuasive advocacy, while employing problem solving analytics, focused attention to detail and delivering positive results. Sloane and Walsh, LLP deploys our deep experience with examination under oath contractual law and insurance dispute law and couples it with our legal acumen and commitment to excellence in a collaborative engagement with our clients, as we pursue the shared goal of achieving the best possible insurance dispute resolution as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible.

Appraisal and Reference Law
Sloane and Walsh, LLP is one of the nation’s leading appraisal and reference law firms. Our team of attorneys represents insurance carriers throughout the nation in appraisal and reference proceedings. We handle a wide variety of disputes under both residential and commercial policies, including claims under coverages for building, dwelling, business income and extra expense, additional living expenses, ordinance or law, personal property and various other claims.

Our team of attorneys functions as both national and local counsel for numerous insurance carriers throughout the entire appraisal and reference process. We have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of appraisal and reference proceedings. From selecting appraisers, preserving all coverage rights and defenses, and assuring the due process right to a hearing, to conducting productive viewings, thorough and effective examinations at hearings, and superior written submissions, our attorneys are highly skilled advocates throughout the entire process.    

We also handle all issues ancillary to appraisal and reference. For instance, we regularly represent insurance carriers in related coverage disputes, such as complex coverage litigation, while simultaneously assuring the reservation of all rights and defenses throughout the appraisal and reference proceeding. We also regularly advise on and assure the continuity of good-faith claims handling throughout the entire process. 

Several of our attorneys have also served as appraisers, referees and umpires.  

Examinations Under Oath
Our lawyers have participated in countless examinations under oath pertaining to an expansive area of insurance issues. We conduct in-depth, efficient, effective and good-faith examinations in order to ascertain all salient information for coverage determinations and claims decisions. Our team has handled innumerous issues, including causation, fraud, valuation, scope, notice, application misrepresentations and numerous other coverage and claims issues.

We assist not only with the gathering of information and documentation, but we also provide an in-depth assessment of the facts and evidence in order to assure fair and proper claims and coverage determinations. Throughout the examination under oath process, our team works with insurance carriers and provides advice regarding all issues of coverage and claims handling.