Alternative Dispute Resolution

John Ryan

To schedule a mediation or arbitration use the link below to be directed to the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals where Attorney Ryan’s calendar is posted or contact his assistant Donna Snover at

At Sloane and Walsh, we recognize that the landscape of litigation is evolving. For that reason, John Ryan chairs our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services practice and offers a full range of ADR services. Mr. Ryan has been providing mediation and arbitration services for more than 20 years. A member of both the National Association of Distinguished Neutrals and the American College of Civil Trial Mediators, Mr. Ryan brings four decades of sophisticated trial and appellate experience to his work as a mediator and arbitrator. Mr. Ryan has served as a mediator in well over a thousand cases and, in addition to extensive mediation and arbitration experience in Massachusetts, he has been sought out for professional ADR services in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. His extensive experience in the trial and appellate courts provides Mr. Ryan with both the analytical skills and empathic insight to grasp and understand the complexities and stresses involved in major civil litigation.

Mr. Ryan’s mediations regularly involve multiple million dollar disputes, including substantial eight figure settlements, and he has been retained to mediate or arbitrate disputes in a wide variety of cases. Mr. Ryan has been retained to mediate civil disputes involving catastrophic personal injury, commercial litigation, contractual interpretation and implementation, large scale, multi-party construction cases, construction defect, environmental claims, insurance coverage and bad faith disputes, large scale, multi-party catastrophic property damage claims, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, financial planning malpractice, employment disputes including claims of wrongful executive-level employee termination, contribution and indemnification claims, all variety of general liability claims, and many other areas of civil litigation. Mr. Ryan’s mediations have included cases with as many as a hundred claimants, and he has worked with parties to construct appropriate protocols to efficiently and productively manage intricate, multiple party mediations. Mr. Ryan has been retained to mediate disputes at every level of the litigation process, including prior to suit, during active litigation and during the pendency of appeals. His annual settlements have totaled as much as one hundred million dollars.

A Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers since 1992, Mr. Ryan has often been retained to arbitrate disputes in a wide variety of areas and with a wide variety of mechanisms, including full evidentiary hearings, submission on briefs for summary disposition, limited evidentiary hearings, allocation of limited insurance resources among multiple parties and isolated issue analysis and decision. Mr. Ryan has been requested to provide reasoned decisions as well as summary findings. In all cases, Mr. Ryan brings his considerable litigation experience to the process in order to assure all parties they have been thoroughly and fairly heard.

In all aspects of ADR services, Mr. Ryan strives to promote an environment that is courteous, respectful and conducive to a thorough review and consideration of all elements to the dispute.

Mr. Ryan’s main office address is located in the Boston office, but he is available to mediate disputes across the New England area as well as other jurisdictions across the country. Please contact us by telephone or email to discuss a case. We look forward to assisting you and your clients in an efficient, fair and thoughtful resolution of your dispute.